the story of my summer adventures and other random things i do.


haha we went to the gym and lyndsy got called a sophomore this time XD funny cuz even till now, noone’s ever actually called her a “senior” or anything haha XD but yeahh the gym was fun. we went to mcdonalds after and we all got ice cream cones except the little girl who got a happy kids meal lmao. gosh what a child ;D anyhow, we’re going to the gym tmrw morning at 9 =D fun day fun day.

8 T 13 ! !

haha today we watched toy story 3! it was a really good movie! i recommend it to everyone haha. it had every kind of mood like excitement, happiness, sadness, edge of your seat, etc. ahh what a fun day XD 8 three 13 ! <3

-now off to the gym to swim/work out! =D

p.s. my favorite character was ken ;D Ken 

YESS 8T13!!

haha i figured i should use the other type other than H3M ;D but yeahh its been the best 3 months ever!! hope to continue for as long as we can =D time really does fly huh? XD <3


this is a little confusing =o

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